In 1994, Jacksonville was awarded an expansion NFL franchise. One of their first moves was to hire the youngest-ever NFL radio play by play announcer… Brian Sexton, the “Voice of the Jaguars.”

Brian has called more than 400 professional football games, hosted more than a thousand coaches radio and television shows, interviewed too many players to name, and spoken in front of tens of thousands of people as an emcee, facilitator, coach and keynote speaker. His high-energy presentations invigorate teams, and people love his engaging, powerful stories about the pros and how success is a choice.

Early on, Brian learned that the ability to build a relationship with a player, coach or fan is far more important than simply being heard or seen by them. He traveled the southeast promoting the Jacksonville Jaguars and building their radio network. But more importantly, he built on the idea that the quality of one’s life, income, or ideas is dependent on the quality of a person’s ability to communicate.

Hot afternoons on the practice field, sweaty postgame locker rooms, intense conversations with coaches and general managers under fire, hostile callers to talk shows and innumerable evenings on stage as an emcee or charity auctioneer helped Sexton refine the ability to speak with people… not at them… and to build relationships that would last. The more time he spent working to improve his communication skills, the more he realized he could help anyone be at their best whenever they opened their mouth.

Along the way Brian married Jennifer and learned that sometimes the best form of communication is a silent smile instead of saying anything at all. These days his sons Keegan (19), Rian (15) and Kolbe (14) challenge him in sports, Scouts or simply hanging around their Atlantic Beach, Florida home.

Brian is an Eagle Scout and was awarded the Silver Beaver for outstanding service to youth by the North Florida Council of the Boy Scouts of America. He is active in the Cursillo Movement in the Diocese of St. Augustine and is a 2nd degree black belt and Tae Kwan Do instructor.