Sidney E. Wells was born in Jacksonville, Florida. He graduated from Jacksonville’s Episcopal High School in 1991 and went on to attend Duke University in Durham, North Carolina. While at Duke University, Mr. Wells received a Bachelor degree in Electrical Engineering in 1995. Mr. Wells also participated on the Duke University football team, earning Most Valuable Defensive Back honors in 1995. Due to his ability to complete his undergraduate degree in the required four- year period, he was able to begin graduate studies at Duke University while finishing his final year of football eligibility. Following his collegiate football endeavor, he went on to complete his graduate studies at Duke University earning a Masters Degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering in 1997.

Upon graduation, Mr. Wells returned to Jacksonville to work at CSX Corporation to be the project assistant reporting directly to the chief information officer (CIO) of CSX Corporation. Following a year of employment at CSX, the CIO went on to join a startup company and asked Mr. Wells to join him. In November 2002, Mr. Wells started his own business called 1Accord Solutions, which was a technology centric solutions company providing consulting services to private and public sector organizations.

In June 2004, the Jacksonville Business Journal recognized Mr. Wells as an Up & Comer in the Jacksonville business community. In June 2004, Mr. Wells joined the Scott-McRae Automotive Group, now known as Duval Motor Company (DMC), in the role of chairman and chief executive officer of Matrix Data Solutions (MDS), which was the internal IT (Information Technology) support organization of Scott-McRae. DMC owns a number of divisions and Mr. Wells has had the opportunity to hold executive management positions at a number of these divisions. These include: president and COO of Autolease Corporation, General Sales Manager of Duval Ford, General Sales Manager of Duval Mazda at the Avenues, president and COO of DuvalMazda at Gainesville, general sales manager of Duval Acura, government sales manager of Duval Ford, and currently serves as the general manager of the Jacksonville and Tallahassee locations of Dana Safety Supply, which is a law enforcement supply company with twenty-six locations across the country.